About Web Design Cost

Sometimes people will call us and the first thing they want to know about is web design cost. People often ask “What do you charge for web design?” or “what does a website cost?”. If you are starting a new business or you want to improve a new business and take that business to the next level then are you asking the right question? We have been in business since 1995 because our prices are fair and reasonable. Since everything we do is custom made just for you and your business the only way we can answer what it will cost is when we meet either in person or by an online meeting to go over all the options. In that meeting we will suggest options you may not have known about and these options will be based upon our experience.

If you had a serious heart condition and needed open heart surgery would you call doctors and ask them what they charge for open heart surgery? It is more likely that you’d meet with the doctor, discuss your options and see how you feel about that doctor. Your decision would be based upon your belief that the doctor you select will be able to give you the best possible outcome.

When you go shopping for a Fort Lauderdale web design company we think your decision should be based upon who can give you the best possible outcome.

We have met so many clients who have been to other web design firms and got results that they couldn’t use. After wasting money elsewhere then they come to us and pay a very reasonable fee to get the job done right.


You may wonder how so many people run into so many problems with web designers. Maybe you are having a problem now with a web designer and that is why you are considering us. What we have found is that most of the time the web designer is just one person working alone. That person has few expenses and offers a cheap price. So far this many not seem too bad. The problem is that a designer and a programmer are two very different personalities. Think of a web designer as being more like a hair stylist; they make you look good. Think of a programmer as the person who fixes your computer when it doesn’t work like it should. These two people have very little in common and when one person tries to do both jobs it rarely comes out well. Imagine if your heart surgeon suggested saving money by letting him or her also handle the anesthesia too. Although surgeons and anesthesia are both done by doctors they are very different skills and these two jobs require two different medical professionals. The best way to save money on web design costs is not by hiring one person who tries to be a jack of all trades. The way to get the best price for web design is to hire the most qualified company because the experience of that company means that the job will get done properly, in the shortest amount of time, saving you the most money.

We have four people working on every web design project. Each person has their own job to do and this results in the project getting completed in the most competent and efficient way. Consequently we will save you both time and money.

Our team working on your new website will include the following:

  • Designer with a Bachelor’s Degree in Commercial Art and Design
  • Programmer with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science
  • Writer with a Master’s Degree in Journalism
  • SEO Expert editing all the meta tags, descriptions and titles used by search engines
Web design cost

Designers tend to be very fashionable people who don’t know a thing about programming.  These graphic artists are great at what they do which is making a custom designed template specifically for your new business website. Designers don’t know a thing about programming.If the website you have for your business now was made by a designer then we know what problems you are having. Nobody can find your site in a search. Some of the functions don’t work.  There are errors on some of the pages.  It is a very basic web design and you want something more robust.

We would NEVER have a designer alone working on your website. We will have a designer with a Bachelor’s Degree in Commercial Art and Design working on your web design as part of our team.

web design cost
Programmers are the polar opposite of designers and they are not very fashionable at all.  A programmers idea of a fashion accessory is a pocket protector. We have programmers to build very robust functions into our websites and to make sure everything is working.If the website you have now was made by a programmer or someone in your IT department we know what problems you are having.  The IT department may have convinced the sales department that by having the current date, time and weather shown on the website it would be more “sticky” and people would come back all the time for this valuable information. Your sales team is likely complaining that the website is ugly and makes your company look bad.On the bright side, everything on your website works.  We will have a programmer with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science working on your website as part of our team.
Web design cost

Most of the time when you hire either a graphic artist or a computer nerd to make your website the first question they will ask you is “OK so what do you want to say on your website?” and now you have the job of writing all the text. We have a writer with a Master’s Degree in Journalism and it is her job to stress out and get writer’s block and finally come up with all the text that belongs on your website.  Our writer will do all the research about your industry, your competition and your business and will then eloquently write about your business. You are not hiring a web designer so that you can do all the work.

That’s our job and we will take care of it for you.

web design cost

Each year, Google changes how they decide to rank websites several hundred times. These changes are not always big changes like the Panda and Penguin updates of 2012.  Sometimes they can be major changes like the Hummingbird change of 2013 which was not so much an update to the algorithm as it was a totally new search engine. Sure it still looks like Google today it just doesn’t work at all like it did in 2012 or years prior.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization experts need to stay on top of all of these changes.  The strategies used last year to give you better ranking won’t work today.  Many companies are complaining that they used to get a lot of web traffic but not anymore.  Maybe you don’t need a new website as much as you need better search engine optimization.

Our team approach to web design may sound expensive yet it is actually the most affordable and efficient way to get things done.