About Ecommerce Web Design

An ecommerce web design is one in which you can sell things online.  Those “things” may be digital downloads of music, videos, reports or any type of files that people may want to buy.  Most of the time when we are asked to do some type of ecommerce web development it is to sell physical products online. The business may exist only online or also have a physical location where customers walk in to buy products.

As an example a restaurant may have a great BBQ sauce or their own hot sauce.  Fort Lauderdale has a lot of tourism and once those tourists head back up north or overseas how will the buy any of their new favorite BBQ sauce or hot sauce?  If the restaurant has a “Store” added to their website then they can increase the business they are already doing. A restaurant owner once pointed out that he has a fixed number of tables and chairs and once they are all full he’s earning all that he can.  He went on to explain that the only way to increase his business is to open a new location which is very expensive or to allow people to purchase some of his unique sauces for use at home.

Many businesses could follow this model and raise revenues at a minimal cost.  Once a business owner has paid for the ecommerce addition to their website then they own it forever. The online store is a fraction of the cost of adding a new location or expanding the size of an existing location. We do everything from simple ecommerce web development to very robust custom programming. We have developed online stores that keep track of inventory and email the owner when inventory on an item runs low. We have custom programmed systems that allow the owner to upload a spreadsheet with hundreds or thousands of products.

In the ecommerce web design below this Fort Lauderdale client sells products which are in four main categories.  However, shoppers can search by the part number, product name, manufacturer name, type of product or look at an exploded view of the equipment to see which part they need when they don’t know the product name or part number. Looking at the home page shoppers never feel overwhelmed by the number of products because everything is neatly categorized by product type and manufacturer name.

Nobody looking at the home page would ever guess that there are over 6,500 products in this online store.

ecommerce web design

Sometimes people ask us what a basic ecommerce website will cost. There are so many options to consider that we have to ask a lot of questions before we can answer questions about costs. The video to the right gives some examples of the options that are available. For example in ecommerce web design we might have inventory controls, automated shipping label printing or several shipping methods. We can set a fixed shipping price or base it upon the price of the items purchased or use FedEx, UPS or USPS shipping prices. What if you sell a type of product in which 2, 3 or several items would all fit in one box? The shipping cost may not change at all when multiple items are purchased at once. Of course if you are selling jewelry then the insurance cost can change dramatically if two items are purchased instead of one.

None of the issues mentioned above are a problem for us because we will custom program the website to do whatever you like. We only mention these options to give you an idea of all the the complexities that are involved with ecommerce web design.

In the videos below we show a sampling of the options that are available in an ecommerce web design. Instead of having a portfolio full of pictures of our work we have videos below in which you can see the back office of live examples. These all made use of custom programming and development for the unique and robust features that went into these online stores. By watching these videos you may see some options that you would like as well.