About CMS Web Design

The main reason people want a CMS web design is that they don’t want to wait for a web developer to make updates to their website and they don’t want to pay for programming for every little change. The first time we made a Content Management System website it was 1997 and it was for a resort in the Bahamas that had an office in Fort Lauderdale. The were tired of waiting for the programmer to make updates about the upcoming shows they had in their theater. They also had blackjack tournaments and they wanted the info to be published online in a timely fashion.

The problem of course is that programmers are busy working on new projects and don’t want to be bothered with little updates so they put off making the changes until the client gets annoyed about the delay.

With a Content Management System the client is in full control and is able to make updates at anytime. Once they save the updates in the CMS then it is instantly live on the Internet. No more waiting for a web developer to get around to making the updates and no more programming fees!

No more delays and no more programming fees!

On the website shown below the owners can change the pictures of the bottles and caps as well as the colors. This allows them to always keep the content fresh. They are able to easily manage any updates that need to be made.

cms web design

CMS Web Design Examples:

The videos below show actual Content Management System web design projects we have completed. These videos point out some of the custom programming that was done to allow the owner to easily make changes and updates.