About Basic Web Design

Basic web design is a type of web design in which there is no back end or back office area where the owner can make changes to the website. When we began making websites in 1995 they were all of this type. We quickly discovered how to connect a database to a website which allowed the owners to make modifications to the pages without any programming skills. If a person knew how to type something simple like an email they could quickly learn to add pages to their website. With a basic web design a programmer is always needed in order to make any updates.

Years ago this was a more affordable option for people that wanted a very basic Internet presence at a low price. Typically the client would request only 2-3 pages just to have something online. Today programmers don’t want to be bothered making little updates to websites and owners don’t want to pay for every little update. The basic web design is very outdated and now costs about as much as most of the CMS or Content Management System web designs. The low price advantage of the basic web design is gone now that database programming has become simpler.

Below you will see an example of basic web design. Since we made that site we’ve upgraded it to be a brand new mobile friendly web design with a content management system. Most people can’t tell just by looking if a website is basic or an advanced CMS type. When you hire us the phrase “basic web design” does not mean that you’ll get something cheap looking. In fact today we no longer make websites without a content management system because everyone wants to keep their website updated with the latest information without paying a programmer to make simple updates.

Basic web design